Valentines Day 2017 Pre-Order and Auction

~Love is in the air~

Valentines Day is finally around the corner!

CO’18 would like to make this year’s Valentines Day memorable for you and your special one. In order to celebrate this event, there will be a series of events happening.

Valentines Day is coming a bit earlier this year for the KIS Community and we will be celebrating (delivering your roses) on Friday 10th of February. 

Starting tomorrow (1st of Feb) up until Wednesday next week (8th of Feb), we will be holding pre-orders for roses and customizable cards during lunch, in front of the cafeteria, and after-school, in front of the SS building.

1 Rose = 25 baht
5 Roses = 100 baht
1 Card = 35 baht

Like every other year, we also have the Valentines Day Auction where you have chances to win:

100 Roses
Classroom Surprise
Banquet of Passion
Romantic Picnic
Artist’s Impression
Lockers of Love
Morning Radio of Love
Omnipresent Message

Link to auction and details here


We will also be holding a bake sale on the date of the event so please keep a look out for that!


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