#RELATABLE: Math Edition

Today, we’re adding a little twist to the relatable articles. Instead of having it focus on general, everyday KIS life – we’re specifying on all the relatable things in different subjects.

Now, we all know math is something not everybody will enjoy, but it’s required in school. For some people, it’s their worst subject, but for some, it’s their best – with that being said, here are moments everyone could probably relate to.

1)When you think the calculations are easy but you’re at step 6 of the process


2) “There’s a test next Friday on everything we’ve just learned”


3) When you’re drawing a circle with the compass and you accidentally rip the paper with the compass point


4) Your science book is all new and your humanities book may have never been touched before, but the math book is always the one with half the papers hanging from it

5) *gets 90% on MyiMath*  *reloads page to get 100%*

6) When you see the pattern you were supposed to find 50 minutes ago and you have 3 minutes before the bell rings


7) Or even worse, when you flip the page over and you have no clue about any pattern


8) The classic moment when your friends all got 47 as their answer while you contemplate on why you got 0.3987


9) Pressing 2 x 0 on the calculator to make sure that the answer is still 0

10) When you think you understand everything on a chapter but you flip to the next page and there’s a whole new formula to memorize


11) Promising yourself you’ll finish 4 questions by 6:30, but it’s 9 and you’re still stuck on the second equation


12) Going inside the math room and hearing the Kahoot theme song


13)  Forgetting to charge your Ti84 when you have a test the next day makes you a little emo


14) Graphing parabolas are only fun for some people and you’re sad you’re not one of them

15) But in the end, you realize math is everywhere and you’re going to have to deal with it for the rest of your life – so you might as well accept it

16) And for all you genius people – here’s probably a picture of what you look like right now



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