KIS SPOTLIGHT: G10 Personal Project – Kiara

Hey guys! Today I’m back with another interview, this time, I interviewed Kiara, who is creating her very own fashion line! Let’s take a look at what she said.

What is your personal project?

“My personal project is based around the fashion industry. I will be creating my own fashion line where all the clothes will be designed by me!”

Why did you choose to make this your project?

“I chose to do this because fashion is something that I’m very passionate about, and not only that, I am also able to challenge myself by learning new skills on actually making the clothes as well.”

What have you been enjoying so far?

“My favorite part, and the part that I enjoy the most, is creating the products. The writing isn’t that bad to be honest, but the creative process is really fun, especially if your project is something you are passionate about!”

What do you hate about personal project?

“Hate is a strong word, however, I dislike having to record everything in my process journal, especially when you have to write the ATL skills that you used, EVERY..TIME ….YOU.. DO …A.. JOURNAL ENTRY!!!”

Good luck Kiara! Alright, see you guys again next week!


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