KIS Teachers Give Love Advice

This valentine’s day, the members of KIS Today (Andrea, Adriana Avi) and I interviewed a few KIS teachers and asked for love advice. Some teachers gave the same advice, some said the complete opposite. Here’s what they had to say.

Ms. Lynley: “Love yourself first before loving someone else”

Ms. Alison:  “Love yourself a bit more – sometimes we forget about ourselves and focus on other people”

Mr. Philip: “Love means putting the other person first”

Mr. Roman: “Love is to share the things in life”

Mr. Tri: “Love makes you feel worthwhile

Ms. Puk: “Love whenever you want”

Mr. Aaron: “Never be afraid to show your love”

Ms. Eui: “Be yourself”

Mr. Pat: “Communicate.”

Ms. Janice: “Love is one of the most powerful yet destructive of the forces in our life, and when we’re in any type of relationship, there needs to be a balance, so that we get the most out of that relationship”

Mr. Patrick: “Look for someone whose personality complements your own”

Mr. Dan: (the Beatles) “and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”

Mr. Mark: “Love someone how you would like to be loved yourself”

Ms. Madhuri: “You should love truly, whole-heartedly, and without fear”

Ms. Kyla:  “Focus on yourself and love will come naturally. Make sure that the person you want to spend your life with is your best friend

Mr. Xavier:”Do not look for it. Just live your life, be comfortable being yourself, love yourself and love will find you.”

Mr. Jason: “Make sure you’re the crazy one in the relationship”

Mr. Ben: “When you want to start a relationship, be fearless. When you’re in a relationship, leave no regrets, be responsible and be honest. When it’s all over, you should know that heartbreaks are okay and just as beautiful as falling back in love

Mr. Craig: “Don’t do it”

Mr. Garry: “Just Do It.” Nike-logo.png

Mr. Mike: “Listen to Ms. Alison”

Mr. Chris: “Love is a losing game.”


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