Helping Stateless Children

The grade 7’s are traveling to Chiang Rai for our residential trip, where we will be meeting and helping stateless children. We will be teaching them English and playing different games with them. We are asking KIS students and parents to help out by donating health care items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and mosquito spray.

There are over 10 million stateless people around the world, and thanks to some governments and other supporters, since 2003, there have been over 4 million people who have acquired a nationality. We want to continue supporting stateless people because of their multiple restrictions. For example, they aren’t allowed to vote, open bank accounts, get an education or have easy access to jobs. They are in unfortunate situations and need help. Governments are helping stateless people in many different ways, for example, stateless people need IDs, so some governments, for example, the Thai government, have decided to start giving them identification cards so they can go to school and get some proper health care.

Please consider helping stateless people in Thailand by donating basic health care items. There will be a box set up in the atrium where you can donate these items from February 17 – February 24. We would like to ask the KIS community to help out by donating these very small, but precious items!


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