Trip to the Bloomberg Newsroom

On Wednesday February 8th, a group of students were invited to the Bloomberg Newsroom to view the inner workings of a newsroom, and to meet some exceptional members in the field of Journalism.

img_6392The Bloomberg Agency delivers business, markets news, data and analysis through graphs, charts, articles and some eye-blinding amount of numbers. Bloomberg is financial software that provides these valuable pieces of information at lightning speed. It is a source of information that helps people make or save money, sometimes even a titanic-sized pile of cash.

img_6396What we learned about was high business, finance, and marketing, the different jobs needed to run the agency, their roles, the importance of information and the need for journalists with one heck of a creative, yet analytical brain. We were given a lecture on the software and were shown different functions and organizations in the software. We were taught the meaning of the numbers and how it shows various marketing techniques. We also learned how some political decisions can instantaneously spike the economy. We were taught the innermost mechanism of the business world with everything about each and every company’s profit, spendings, assets, and basically anything related to finance.

Following the initial presentation interviewed some of the journalists in the newsroom. If you think that their job is easy, I would like to inform you that you are gravely wrong. They don’t rewrite news, THEY MAKE NEWS. Looking at numbers, they generate highly accurate analysis that can be transformed into gripping news, and it is crucial for them to compose the articles with a blaster-speed as they are competing with other agency in not minutes, but SECONDS. Publishing less than one minute slower means absolute defeat.


Overall, we had a great time touring at the newsroom, learning about the financial world and journalism. It was such a good experience to see people do the work that affects millions.




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