Regarding Wifi Connectivity Issues in KIS

One of the priorities of the ICT Department is to ensure that all students have the wifi connectivity that they need to supplement and enhance the learning experience at KIS. Over the past few months, Student Council have listened to some concerns that students have been having about wifi. These concerns have been discussed with the ICT Department, and we are now collaboratively taking steps to remedy the issue.

Firstly, it is important that students immediately alert the ICT Department whenever there is an issue with the wifi, whether with the speed or ability to connect. This can be done by accessing the ICT Helpdesk and opening a new ticket. By doing this, the ICT Department will be able to keep track of the number of connectivity problems arising during the day, the locations in which they happen and the ICT Department can then take action as appropriate. Without filing a report with the Helpdesk, it is not possible for the ICT Department to know whether there are issues.

Secondly, the ICT Department is already taking active steps to test the speed of the wifi at KIS. For instance, network experts have been brought in to test the wifi at different locations. Whenever an issue is found, the ICT Department can fix this by installing new routers.

Finally, students also need to use the wifi responsibly. Students are already allocated approximately 5 GB of bandwidth per month, which is more than enough for academic needs. However, websites for personal recreation are currently taking large amounts of bandwidth; YouTube alone is taking up nearly 300 GB of bandwidth per month. Some of the top wifi users in the school are using double the allocated bandwidth, which decreases the wifi speed for others significantly. Recreational web surfing should be done at home, and the internet at school should be used for schoolwork.

If there are any questions, please email Dr Puk at


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