SC Update of the Week

It has been a while since there has been an official SC Update of the Week, so we are back with a couple of updates to give to the readers here at KISToday:

  • SC Elections are coming up! 

In today’s assembly, we released the official Student Council candidate list for the 2017-18’s Student Council. The elections will be taken placed next week during advisory where each candidate will be giving out a maximum 1-minute speech. The students will be voting for one female and one male representative with the exception of some classes that will have three representatives. To read more about who the candidates are and our new voting system, please click here.

  • Social Media Challenge

This week’s social media challenge is Meme March! Click here for more information on how to participate.

  • Spirit Week!

Spirit week is coming up in two weeks! We want to make this week special so a new feature to this week will be small activities every day ran by your house captains. For more information on the themes, click here.

  • Movie Night has been cancelled until further notice 
  • Wifi

One of the priorities of the ICT Department is to ensure that all students have the wifi connectivity that they need to supplement and enhance the learning experience at KIS. Over the past few months, Student Council has listened to some concerns that students have been having about wifi. These concerns have been discussed with the ICT Department, and we are now collaboratively taking steps to remedy the issue.

Read more about how you can contribute in making the wifi better here.

  • Mixed Up 2017! 

NIST is hosting a inter-school concert as their annual funding concert to support the Love Wildlife Foundation’s Slow Loris program. The band SKYLINE from KIS will be participating in this concert so even if you are not in a band and did not participate, you can still come to support them! Not only will there be other bands playing, there will also be activities and food. Pre-sale tickets will be sold at school for 100 baht around next week so please keep a look out for that! For more information on the event, visit their website at

  • Marketing Department’s Video

Help out the marketing department in just 1-minute by saying ‘Welcome to KIS’ in your mother tongue! Sign up here. 

  • Battle of the Bands 

Although this will not be taking place here in our school, show school spirit and promote how awesome our school is by participating in this year’s battle of the bands! For more information on how to sign up, please click here.



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