RESI 2017: CO’19 in Chiang Mai


This year, us G10 students went to Chiang Mai for our residential trip. Taking a plane to reach there, we stayed at Traidhos Campus, which is a part of PREM (Prem Tinsulanonda International School) in Chiang Mai. After the orientation, we were divided into rooms and groups A & B (for participating in the wide range of plans that were set for us throughout this trip). There were many amazing activities prepared for us and the teachers (Ms. Janice, Mr. Sam, Mr. Jason, Mr. Patrick and Ms. Magda) both on campus and in different locations. Our activities included, but were not limited to:

  • Low Ropes & High Wall
  • Muay Thai Study
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PC: Mr. Jason
  • High Ropes Course at Phoenix Adventure Park

Screenshot (995)

Screenshot (1000)
PC: Mr. Jason

“I enjoyed the high ropes course the most! I like adventurous stuff like that, including kayaking.” – Kiara

  • Kayaking (at Mae Ngat Dam)
Screenshot (996)
PC: Mr. Jason

“I liked falling down while kayaking, it was really cool. The water was.” – Idea


  • Survival Trekking & Jungle Cooking (yes, we somehow came back alive)
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PC: Mr. Jason

Displaying DSC_0075.JPG

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  • Community Service Project at Hope House
Screenshot (999)
PC: Mr. Jason

“I liked seeing you all happy, enjoying the trip  😄” – Hugo


  • Khantoke Dinner (local food with traditional performances) – this one was  🔥, literally.

PC: Mr. Jason

“The place was great (PREM) and the food here is also very good.” – Prin


Other fun stuff included a BBQ & Campfire evening, and other night-time activities such as swimming, Twister, Balls Up, basketball, other games here and there, and guitar jamming sessions. Honestly, even our van trips were bomb  💯

“I liked spending time with my friends and other people 😂” – Man

“I especially liked the night activity that we did, like when we went out at night. Just all of us playing games, singing, and talking.” – Maho

“The night where we spent our time together at the Muay Thai place (night activity), we had a group of people just playing with the ball, a group singing, and a group playing board games; that was the night where I socialized the most with everyone.”– Arsineh 

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PC: Mr. Jason
Credits: Eugene G10
Chiang Mai 2017_170321_0038.jpg
Credits: Eugene G10

On the last day, we had a little trip reflection before leaving for the airport, which was basically talking about our highlights throughout the week and how thankful we were to our trip guides (Ms. Emily & Mr. Robert). Even the teachers shared some moments that they will always remember us by.

“Since we were divided into groups A and B, half of my friends were not always with me, but that’s alright because we had a great time anyways. One of the best things about that was that when we came back to our rooms (from our activities), we had people running around hugging their friends in the other groups and it was all so beautiful, like a mini-reunion.” – Aki

Finally, we were back in Bangkok, leaving behind some beautiful and scenic places, but taking along some good memories. Seeing that this was our last residential (as we’re inching closer to DP), we made the best of it 😄

Don’t forget to have a look at some great resi-videos made by G10 students:






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