SC Update of the Week

Some new updates from Student Council:

  • Social Media Challenge: This week’s SMC is called “Down Memory Lane”. Post videos on YouTube or Instagram about your residential trips and send a link to the SC email. Click here for more information.
  • Spirit Week: A reminder that Spirit Week will be taking place next week. Click here for more details on the themes of each week.
    • House activities: Each house captain has been assigned a day to organise some kind of activity which everyone is free to join. These activities will be carried out during the lunch break.
  • Elections: Another reminder that this Thursday, the elections will be taking place for each grade level during Advisory. Candidates, make sure to prepare a one-minute speech to give to your classes. Click here for more information on how the voting system will work this year.
  • Mixed Up! is happening next week, if you are interested in attending this annual fundraising concert at NIST, you can purchase a ticket for 100 baht with Emily Br (G11)

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