April Break- Where to Travel?

As you all know that Term 2 is coming to an end in about one week, there are quite a lot of things that can be done throughout the break. During April, it’s spring in the north and fall in the south, which creates a perfect not-too-cold and not-too-hot weather that all travelers would prefer. Travelling in April allows you to hit some of the most famous destinations whilst skipping the tourist rush of summer, the high prices of the peak season, and the booking fiasco. Here are a few destinations you might want to visit during April Break:

1) Paris, France

April in Paris. It must be one of those spectacular months in Paris because The Chainsmokers wrote a song about it. Right? Jokes apart, at this time of the year, the city is resembling all of its most flattering cliches. This is the time when the city is instantaneously awash with colors of the cherry blossoms, daffodils, and the glorious green shoots. Some days, the air may remain on the brisk side but at other times, showers are most likely to be expected. Moreover, April is the most considerable time to explore few of the aesthetic-looking gardens and parks and amble in a way that’s nonchalant, in the charming neighborhoods of the city. Besides, plane fares are yet to reach their peak rates, meaning that a trip to Paris in April shall be quite affordable and cheap. Additionally, this is the special time of the year when Le Foire de Paris (Paris Fair), the annual fair, takes place starting in mid-April and lasting all the way up to may. This is a good opportunity to try regional specialties, though you need to make sure to plan accordingly as the dates of the fair change annually.


2)Marrakesh, Morocco

Surprisingly, this place is not hot throughout the year. Yes, it’s situated in Africa, near the Sahara desert, although it can be slightly chilly during the winter, it is just marginally brighter in comparison to Manchester. With temperatures hovering around 22 degrees, April is a pleasant time to visit Marrakesh. When the dusk falls, the main square of the city comes alive with extensive cast of musicians, fortune-tellers, and acrobats. The food stalls are innumerable as they serve a variety of food ranging from delicious merguez sausages to the piquant harira soup.


3)Tokyo, Japan

The month of April is cherry-blossom time in Tokyo. The event has become extraordinarily noteworthy with the first-blooms blooming from March-end to early April, when the Japanese locals celebrate the arrival of spring. Across that city, parks would be filled with thousands of cherry trees. Renting a boat and rowing along with your best friend and a selfie stick in the rosy haze would be the perfect choice. Also, spring in Japan is a period of sprouting.  Bamboo shoots, and other wild greens like broccolini and the spring cabbage are some examples of delicacies you can enjoy, as they start growing at this time. It is said that the bitter taste of such wild greens has the ability to detox our bodies from the unnecessary stuff that was stored throughout the winter. There are also a variety of strawberries, most of which are shiny and sweet to taste. Arguably, the temperature is one reason why you should travel Tokyo, since it’s pretty mild.


4)Zambia and Zimbabwe

If you’re eager to get a full view of one of the seven wonders of the world, Victoria Falls, make sure to visit both of these countries. Also known as “Mosi-oa Tunya” meaning “Smoke that Thunders”, the Victoria falls are flooding in April, making the month the ideal time to witness the largest sheet of waterfall in the world. During this period, the sceneries are much greener and it’s still low season, which signifies that the rates are much lower. This is the best time for watching birds as there are a lot of migratory birds present. Furthermore, there are short showers in the late afternoon which are seldom continuous for days.



Though it’s one of the hottest months of the year (about 35 degrees Celsius), the chances of rain are relatively low as the rainy season generally begins in mid-May.  Touring around Angkor Temples can be comparatively difficult in these hot temperatures, so ensure that you plan for shorter stints rather than one whole-day visit as that would be extremely tiring. The crowd numbers also tend to be lower in April in temple sites. Nonetheless, it’s also the Cambodian New Year time (Chaul Chnam Thmey) which is a three day festival celebrated in April by all Cambodians. As a part of the occasion, “water blessings” also occur in which Cambodians sprinkle holy water on faces of other people in the early morning, on the chest in the afternoon, and on the feets during the evening. Though the festival is not as grand as Songkran, water balloons and water pistols are utilized by children and young adults to have some good, wholesome fun.


6) Nepal

The temperatures tend to increase during this time as the rhododendrons start to bloom . Since days are longer in March and April, this makes it the perfect time to do trekking because it is also the rice-planting period. The mornings are normally clear but there could be cloud build ups in late afternoons causing frequent showers to occur.  Most parts of the country are lush and copious green during spring season. Trekking is favorable in this period as the high peaks are free of snow and the views from mountains are very clear, unlike May when the weather starts to get hazy and disturbed with clouds.


7) Sri Lanka

In the south and west parts of the country, there is plentiful sunshine with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. On the eastern coasts, the rainfall starts to decline as the blue skies are exposed. Despite the fact that April is one of the driest and hottest months of the year, it’s a great month to head to the beaches with long,sunny days. Also, if you plan to go sightseeing, try to avoid the hottest hours of the day (11am-3pm). There are also places near the hills of Sri Lanka that experience a slightly lower temperature hovering around the mid-20 degree Celsius which can be considered tolerable for trekking, especially in the Knuckles Mountain range. Lastly, it’s also the traditional New Year for Sinhalese and the Tamils according to their lunar calendar. The celebration involves elephant races and games associated with coconuts. This year, it’s expected to fall on the 14th of April.



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