KIS Teachers talk about their first date


KIS Teachers are back with their perspectives on love! On the last post, we asked them to give us love advice (click here to see post) and everyone was eager to know why they think that way. Could it be based on personal experiences? Well, here on KIS today, the teachers give us insight on what happened on their first dates!

Kru Eui:  “I went on a field trip with a couple of students, it was a sailing camp. The instructor and I talked for awhile and got to know each other. At the end of the class, he gave snacks to the students, but mine was different. He put a small card on the snack and it was a pop-up of my picture on his yacht. Behind that picture, he wrote out a short sentence that said “Would you like to go for dinner with me?” and I said “I’m sorry I’m leaving for Bangkok tomorrow”

Mr. Jason: “My first official date with my girlfriend was in Disneyland Paris during the New Year. I had a friend who I used to play Volleyball with who lives in Paris and kept going on about me visiting. I knew that my girlfriend, who was just a friend at the time, loved Disney. So I told her “Why don’t we go stay with my friends in France and go to Disneyland for the New Year?”. So we spent the whole day at Disney walking around, and at midnight, we were watching the fireworks and holding hands on main street in Disneyland Paris! And at midnight we, of course, kissed. Then, that was the official start of our relationship.”

Mr. Dan: “My first date experience was amazing. It was the end of my Grade 9 year and I was from a very small school. I had a crush on this girl that was older than me for five or six years – she was in G12. At the end of track season, we developed a pretty good friendship to the point of thinking “I would like to ask this girl out on a date”. So I talked to my family because I wasn’t old enough to be able to drive, but I had a driver’s license and only could drive if there was a person in the car that had a legal driver’s license as well- which technically meant I could drive in this state if she would say yes and my father would say yes. So my sister loaned me the car, my father said yes, I asked her and she said yes – we drove to a movie. We went and saw Batman (this would’ve been 1988). We had a meal after and we came home. It was the beginning of a very nice relationship.”

Mr. Gary: “The first memory that I had was going out with a girl and our other friends to go out for bump cars. And to get there, her father had to drive us, and in fact, he wanted to go to. It was a big gathering and we all had good fun together”

Mr Craig: “I went to an ice rink, and I was both nervous and excited”

Ms. Janice: “My first date was when I was 13, with a boy that I had grown up with, his name was Bradley. I had always had a crush on him, he was so cute, with blonde curly hair and big blue eyes. We lived in a very small town and one night we went for a walk. We went to the beach, which was very close to my house, and sat on the beach for a long time, held hands, and kissed. When I got home my mom was furious with me because I had broken my curfew, so she made me come home early for the next two weeks.”

Mr. Richard: “My first date experience was at the school ball, it’s like prom. I had to ask a girl to go out with me and she said yes, so it was all good. It was quite special because it was my first time really asking someone out. It didn’t really end up as a boyfriend-girlfriend situation, but it was a good friendship”




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