Logan Film Review

Logan 1

17 years after appearing as Wolverine for the first time in X-Men, Hugh Jackman has finally put down his adamantium claws for the final time in Logan. In many ways, Logan is the Wolverine film everybody was waiting for. Hugh Jackman’s marvelous performance really brought out the character the way it was meant to be. Logan is definitely one of the best Marvel movies so far, and is also receiving a huge amount of Oscar buzz, including speculation of being nominated for Best Actor, for Hugh Jackman, and even Best Picture.

Logan 2

Based loosely on the Old Man Logan storyline from the comics, the film takes place in a future that’s not quite post-apocalyptic, but sure seems to be teetering on the edge. Mutants have all but vanished from the population, and the few that remain appear to be in hiding. That includes Logan and a diminished, ancient, and mentally deteriorating Professor Xavier. The return of Patrick Stewart to the role is one of the hugely satisfying aspects of Logan, as the revered thespian finally gets to bring a true depth to the character — if in a distinctly new way. His Professor X has always been mostly sidelined in the movies, but not in Logan: Sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious, this is an Xavier you’ve never seen before.

Logan 3

Logan, on the other hand, hasn’t aged very differently. His claws don’t come out right and he can’t move very quickly, but does everything he can to take care of his second father, Professor X.

With quite a easy-to-follow plot, it was an emotional rollercoaster, with plenty of moments which warmed your heart, but also plenty more which made you want to tear your heart out screaming.

However, there are many things about the movie which you will hardly see in a common superhero movie. Most movies would have colorful suits and CGI villains. Logan, however, decided to abandon the trend and curtain the appearances of Wolverine with a brutal R Rating. Logan doesn’t hold back on it’s violence, but if you have your parents’ permission, and since the Songkran Break is coming around, I would definitely recommend you to watch this movie. Watch with caution, however, because the blood and gore is not for everyone.

In conclusion, if you are or aren’t a fan of the superhero genre, and don’t mind violence and gore, Logan is the movie for you.


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