Book Character Day


The newly established “KIS Reading Council” will be hosting a dress up Thursday, April 20th. But this will not be just any old dress up day, it is meant for you to come as your favorite book character. Wizards and witches from Harry Potter, Alice from Alice in Wonderland or even the suave spy, James Bond, a product of Ian Fleming novels. If the costume is based on a book character, it’s eligible!

The reason for this initiative is to support the Book Fair that will be taking place in the school atrium, from Tuesday, April 18th to the 20th. This is the second book fair of the year and we hope that you take the time to visit the books offered by the various merchants.

We also hope to have a photo booth set up in the mezzanine, so feel free to drop by and have pictures taken with your friends while wearing your outfits!

One more thing you should know, this is NOT casual day, you either come to school dressed up as a character, or you come to school dressed up as a KIS student.

That’s all folks! Hope to see you in character on Thursday.

KIS Reading Council



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