Have A Heart, Give A Hand

The following article was written by Idea (G10).

Since August, the service team had been working with the Christian Prison Ministry Foundation, where we held activities with the kids there. Before Christmas break, we also went there and sang Christmas carols with the kids. The Foundation helps children whose parents are imprisoned, by giving them a shelter, food, and education support.  Our ongoing project right now is called “Have a Heart, Give a hand”. The project is about selling tote bags to raise money for the foundation. The organisation needs money to support their new buildings that are being built, and they need money to buy furniture and interior decorations.

If you have a heart, please give a hand. Help support the Christian Prison Ministry Foundation to provide hope for innocent children, whose parents are imprisoned. On the 19th of April (3 Way Conference), we will be selling tote bags in front of the auditorium for a very good price. You wouldn’t want to walk away feeling guilty, don’t you? Support and tell your parents about it!

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