New Social Media Challenge!

The following article was written by Selina and Sue.

Sparkly Pets is a group that was started to support street cats and dogs, in conjunction with Pickapet and Soi Dog. This was an initiative started because of our love of dogs and cats. After observing what happens to cats and dogs that live on the road we realized that no one cares for them, and this bothered us because of our love for these animals. This made us want to take action, to help provide for them, and maybe help them find a home.

We decided our service project would involve helping dogs and cats in need, by giving them hygienic products and food. To do that we needed to raise money so about a month ago we sold our cute accessories in front of the auditorium, and we raised over 6000 baht. We then decided to use the money we raised to buy hygienic products and food for dogs and cats, which we intend to donate to Soi Dog and Pickapet.

The next step in our service project is to have a social media challenge. For this social media challenge we are asking you to post pictures that expresses your love for dogs and cats. When you post your picture make sure you add #kissparklypets. We are doing this as one of the Social Media challenges arranged by KIS SC. After the social media challenge we will be selecting TWO winners with the best posts. That we would like to invite to join our group to volunteer to help take care of dogs and cats in Pickapet. Look out for this social media challenge in the next few weeks.

Also we will be selling more adorable accessories again in the next week or two for those of you who liked what we sold last time, or for those of you who missed our sale. Stay tuned for that!


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