Hi there! Together from 10B, Sha Sha, Claire, Monet and I (Avi) are campaigning for improving the condition of water and sanitation facilities in Bangkok. And the betterment of the situation starts with you. This right here is an article for promoting our Water & Sanitation Campaign products, which is a part of our Design summative. Please take a few minutes out of your day to look through our products below, and hopefully they give you something to think about. Even though some products are intended for a Thai audience, they still have a meaningful message for all.

Here’s a screen cast by Sha Sha, explaining the current problems Thailand is facing:

*Please switch on your subtitles for this one if you do not understand Thai

And an informative little flyer by Claire:

claire flyer_print

Another campaign component, a meaningful poster by Monet:

palip's poster campaign 2.1.png

And an info-graphic by me to brief you on what you can really do to contribute towards better water and sanitation:

Also, an organization wished to be included in our Awareness Campaign in order to help spread the message, so if you would like to contribute to this growing project that strives to improve water & sanitation facilities for refugees in Thailand, please refer to the American Refugee Committee’s (ARC) website. They wish to raise awareness among students and teachers via our campaign, and they are currently providing healthcare, water and sanitation services in refugee camps across the country. If you wish to help, you can:

Think about it, even though you’ve been told to do so a thousand times. But this time, acting on it would be a good choice, for your own benefit, and for the people around you


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