Scary moment’s we’ve all experienced before

You ever had that moment where you’re just casually chilling, laid back either alone or with friends when suddenly.

Satan say’s hi.


Well, not literally. I meant it as in something as scary as encountering the leader of hell himself. Those scary moments do happen in the MOST unexpected moments and if it hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s bound to happen. So brace yourselves, these are the scary moments that may or may not have experienced before.

  1. When that very scary lightning hits you out of nowhere:
    giphy (4).gif
  2. eb40b6014e6f5b5fcb8d3f304ba570fb
  3. When the spider WAS on the wall, but it’s gone when you look back:
  4. When you’re paying for food but your card’s out of money:
  5. Making eye contact with someone you don’t know for the fifth time:
    tenor (1).gif
  6. When you’re randomly the center of attention:
  7. When you’re home alone but then you hear a noise:
  8. Seeing someone you know in public:

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