The Wolf’s Howl |13J|

As another year at KIS is coming to a close, here’s a new selection of tracks, from a variety of genres to add to your playlist! These are the sounds, old and new, that belong to the playlist(s) I usually listen to, be it working or just spacing out, so hope you like some of these 😄

Artist: Sweet

Album: Desolation Boulevard

Year: 1974

Genre: Rock

Thoughts: Honestly, this is a fun track that’s good to listen to while working on something that could bore the life out of someone, and other works of artists from this era, such as Fleetwood Mac, would be recommended too. Actually I got this one from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 (no I haven’t even watched it, the song was in the trailer).

Rating: 4/7

Artist: Colbie Caillat

Album: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones OST

Year: 2013

Genre: Rock (how though?)

Thoughts: OH GOD THIS NEVER FAILS TO MAKE ME TEAR UP AND ONLY GOODNESS KNOWS WHY. But for real though, this is a soothing track which has a great melody and is definitely worth a listen. If one is in the right space and state of mind, this song holds the potential to tug at your heartstrings.

Rating: 6/7

Artist(s): Jayceeoh & Lit Lords

Year: 2017

Genre: Trap

Thoughts: Alright so here’s the thing. I was SO hyped when I first listened to this amazing track, I couldn’t help but think “Now that is what actual Trap stands for and it’s definitely making the list”. Why, you ask? Listen to it, at a good volume, and wait for that bass to drop. Worth it.

Rating: 5/7 (I mean it can only be amazing for so long, so enjoy it while it lasts)

Artist: Green Day

Album: Revolution Radio

Year: 2016

Genre(s): Punk rock, Pop punk, Alternative/Indie

Thoughts: Out of the not-so-many songs of Green Day that I prefer, this is a great way to get pumped up, even if it is for nothing in particular (I mean, I listen to the music for the music’s sake duh). But I really do love the power chords, that have been used to create a somewhat furious and rebellious vibe, as the lyrics suggest. But the music in itself is a go-to, especially when in need of an energy hike.

Rating: 5/7

Artist: Bobby Caldwell

Year: 1978

Genre: Jazz

Thoughts: This one is for those who enjoy some meaning to their lyrics and getting on a wavy vibe. Good enough for those evenings when you’re all by yourself.

Rating: 5/7

Artist: Elijah

Year: 2017

Genre: Indie

Thoughts: This one right here gives me the “chilling with your crew, doused in the yellow/orange lights, while sticking yourself out the top of a car riding in slow motion” kinda feels. It really gets you there, so lay back with a good snack or drink, and dive right in.

Rating: 6/7

Artist: HONNE

Year: 2016

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Thoughts: Just like the intro suggests, this song truly could warm you up with it’s beautiful music and lyrics. Their vocals are so good that they keep the vibe going. Also, HONNE is an artist duo that I recently began to take interest in, and their music is something to really watch out for.

Rating: 6/7

Artist(s): Crush ft. MISO

Year: 2016

Genre: R&B, Soul

Thoughts: Since I’m a huge fan of Future Bass music, and this one does have a mix of that, I fell in love with this track. That was also because these people are two of my favourite Korean artists. Crush is more of a singer/rapper who leans towards Pop and more conventional musical styles, but MISO, oh my god her music is pure delight, it’s SO GOOD. Never fails to disappoint me when I listen to her for deep cuts and sounds.

Rating: 6/7

Artist(s): Alina Baraz & Galimatias

Album: Urban Flora (EP)

Year: 2015

Genre: Dance, Electronic

Thoughts: So. Two years have passed since I first heard this one, and it’s STILL my favourite song. I could listen to this at any time, anywhere, in any mood. Both the vocals, and just the right amount of waviness truly creates a beautiful and ‘lush’ atmosphere (that’s the kind of sound I love, among others). You haven’t experienced proper music if you haven’t listened to this at least once in your lifetime. Go on, give it a go. Trust me on this one.

Rating: 7/7

Enjoying these? Stay tuned for more updates on select tracks that will be presented by yours truly, just for you to listen to and appreciate 🎧





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