The Wolf’s Howl |17A|

Welcome back! Alright, it’s the new school year, and I believe that there’s nothing better than freshly discovered music to start it off well 😄 Hope you all enjoy the latest selection of good tunes presented by yours truly 🎧:


Someone That Loves You – HONNE

Artist(s): HONNE (ft. Izzy Bizu)

Album: Warm on a Cold Night

Year: 2016

Genre: Pop

Thoughts: This song is deep. Like, sad and deep, since it’s about a girl who loves someone, and that person does too, but they can’t be reciprocate it since they already are with somebody else. Even if you’re someone who might not (or might not want to) relate, this song will make you. For some reason, it just will, if you really listen; it’s beautiful music paired with beautiful lyrics. Classic HONNE.

Rating: 7/7


Take Me – MISO

Artist: MISO

Year: 2016

Genre(s): R&B, Soul

Thoughts: Yeah, it’s MISO again. I love how she stays underground with her music, and everything is focused on the sound and aesthetic (as per her videos). But those very sounds manage to bring out a plethora of complicated emotions. Exactly why that is, I never understood, and probably never will, but whenever I listen to her songs, especially this one, it has a truly healing effect on the mind

Rating: 6/7


Don’t Know You – Heize

Artist: Heize

Album: /// (You, Clouds, Rain)

Year: 2017

Genre: K-pop, Hiphop, Rap

Thoughts: Such cool vibes in this track. Actually, the entire album is the same level of cool. This is another Korean female artist (like MISO, but much more popular), and her music is something I always keep coming back to, since it just matches every single mood of mine. Definitely worth a listen, Heize. I mean, her rapping is the best, always. (Also, the rap scene in Korea has been booming lately, so if you’re interested, check out shows such as Show Me The Money. You’re welcome ☺)

Rating: 6/7


Stranger – Chace & Yellow Claw

(the cover art might give you nightmares, but that’s The Barong Family, and it’s the music we’re all here for, so yeah here you go)

Artist(s): Chace & Yellow Claw

Album: Destination (EP)

Year: 2016

Genre: Alternative, Indie

Thoughts: Such feels here. The vibe this song creates is amazing, even though Chace’s feelings behind it are actually lonely, as if he’s longing for someone. Coming from China, this guy was seventeen when he first released this song, his debut with The Barong Family. And ever since then, I was hooked. He really just gets the roots of electronic music, and his tracks are more House-based, topped with Future Bass. I believe he’s someone to seriously look out for, since his music ranges from mellow to absolutely explosive.

Rating: 6/7 (feels, man, feels)


My Love – Wale (feat. Major Lazer, Dua Lipa, WizKid)

Artist(s): Wale (feat. Major Lazer, WizKid, Dua Lipa)

Album: Shine

Year: 2017

Genre(s): Hiphop, Rap

Thoughts: With booming beats and an addictive chorus, this song a great one for getting people to move around, obviously, since this artist collaboration is surely talented. Of course, there’s Dua Lipa (her voice, though) and WizKid who has good Moombahton music, and Wale’s great with RnB. But then there’s Major Lazer. Having been a fan of this electronic band (yup, they’re really 3 people) for more than 5 years, I’ll say this. Dance music, or any sort of Electronic Music, Needs. Major. Lazer. Period.

Rating: 5/7


Slow Down – DJ Snake & Yellow Claw & Spanker

Artist(s): DJ Snake, Yellow Claw, Spanker

Album: Amsterdam Music

Year: 2013

Genre(s): Dance, Electronic (seriously there’s more to it than just “electronic and dance” music smh)

Thoughts: For a change, here’s some Yellow Claw (the ones who created The Barong Family and that’s why they’re the og’s lol). I feel like I hear this track wherever there are music festivals, clubs, dance competitions, it’s EVERYWHERE. Or maybe that’s just me. And it is a song with a beat drop that’s so lowkey, yet get’s me hyped. Liven up any place with music from these artists. It works, I guess.

Rating: 6/7


Since I Don’t have You – The Skyliners

Artist: The Skyliners

Album:  41 Original Hits from the Soundtrack of American Graffiti

Year: 1958

Genre(s): Pop, Doo-wop (a pretty popular genre back in the days)

Thoughts: A romantic, slow-dancing-in-the-dimmed-lights kind of feeling is what this song gives off. Released back in the late 50’s, it still has that touch of magic that can melt any heart. Enjoy some time warming up to this one.

Rating: 5/7


Well, I’ll be taking your leave for now, only to come back with better sounds for everybody to try out. Hope you all like this segment and see you the next time! I can’t guarantee you exactly when, because DP. Life is good 🙃🙃



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