5 Things to Know ( 21- 25 August )

This week, quite a lot has happened around the world ranging from the wonderful total eclipse in America to a catastrophic typhoon that hit Hong Kong on 23rd August. To know more about these events, continue reading. Here is this week’s 5 Things to Know:

Monday, 21st August: “The Great American Eclipse”

A total solar eclipse was noticeable across the entire United States that passed from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast. In other parts of the world, it was a partial eclipse. In a total solar eclipse, the apparent diameter of the Moon appears to be larger than the Sun’s, which in turn, blocks the sunlight, causing darkness. The last time the total solar eclipse was visible in the entire contiguous United States was on 8th June, 1918. The totality path touched 14 states while the partial eclipse was detectable in 50 states. The Canadian Space Agency proclaimed that the initial glimpses of the eclipse were “beautiful” as the American people watched through telescopes, wearing protective glasses. Donald Trump, the US president, watched the total eclipse along with Lady Melania, from the Whitehouse.


Tuesday, 22nd August: Human Bomb cases in Nigeria increase by 4 times!

The United Nations declared that a significant increase has been recorded in the number of children that are being used as human bombs by the Boko Haram militants in the north-eastern part of Nigeria. 83 cases of this have been recorded in this year as of now which is four times the number of cases in 2016, the Unicef says.  Out of these cases, 55 of them involved girls under 15. This tactic is an abomination that causes fear amongst people. The Islamist militants (Boko Haram) have been using this strategy for quite a long time by abducting schoolgirls.


Wednesday, 23rd August: Category 10 typhoon hits Hong Kong after 2012

Typhoon Hato, slammed into Hong Kong leaving 12 people dead while hundreds injured. The storm caused flooding, blackouts, and destruction to the environment as trees were uprooted and buildings collapsed. According to the meteorological authority, the maximum wind of the typhoon went up to 175 kmph. The typhoon had been classified under a category 10 storm, which is the highest level. Due to the severity of the storm, schools, stations, airports, and businesses were required to shut, as reported by the South China Morning Post. All in all, over 27,000 people on the mainland had been evacuated and the loss that has occurred is approximately HK$8bn.


Thursday, 24th August: Death toll in Yemen reaches ’41’

An airstrike hit a hotel near Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, and killed 41 people as reported by officials. The blame has been imposed on a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia as told by a senior security official in Yemen. Dozens of people were unable to survive as the two-storey building of the hotel collapsed. Due to the conflict between President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi’s government and the Houthi rebels, the number of airstrikes have escalated by 3 times compared to last year. This had led to 20.7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance as well as a cholera outbreak that has caused deaths of over 2,000 people since April this year. More than half a million people are infected and another 600,000 are expected to become victims of this deadly infection.


Friday, 25th August: Ex- PM of Thailand said to have fled the country

Yingluck Shinawatra, the Former Thai Prime Minister was unable to show up for the verdict in her trial for a contentious rice subsidy initiative. The lawyers of Ms. Yingluck declared that she had vertigo. The Supreme Court do not believe that Ms. Yingluck is ill since there is no medical certificate that can be used to prove that. However, the Supreme Court said that an arrest warrant for her will be issued and that the verdict will be announced on 27th September. If she’s found guilty, she will be sent to jail and will permanently be banned from politics. Sources also claim that she may have fled the country. 




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