Introducing AISAA, The New Athletics Conference!

Some of you guys might have heard stories about KIS not being a part of TISAC anymore. You may be wondering: well what’s going to happen next for the Wolves?

Well, don’t worry! KIS and five other international schools around Bangkok have created a new athletics conference called AISAA (pronounce E-SAA) which stands for Asian International School Athletics Association! These schools include:

  • KIS
  • Ekamai International School
  • Wells
  • Concordian
  • Berkeley International School
  • Mahidol International Demonstration School

The main reason behind joining AISAA is for more efficient game scheduling between the schools as last year TISAC had some troubles with organizing game days as some schools take part in more than one sports conference (FOBISIA for instance).

So what are some of the changes to this new AISAA conference? Well here are the main changes:

  • The age groups which include:
    • Grade 7-Under (Boys/Girls)
    • Grade 10-Under (Boys/Girls)
    • Varsity (Boys/Girls)
  • Volleyball is now added as an official League + Tournament sport for AISAA
  • The league games are in round robin format, where six schools will all face each other
  • AISAA may invite other International Schools around South-East Asia to take part in final tournaments. This has not been finalized yet.
  • Other friendly competitions include:
    • Battle of the Bands
    • Dance
    • Orchestra
    • Golf
    • Tennis
    • Softball
    • Muscle Strength & Endurance (Yup, that’s what it’s called o.o)
  • Each age group will have different sports season schedule. Check the table below
    • Note: Seasons subject to change


The changes may look slightly unfamiliar but the buzz and intensity will remain the same! Catch up with all the sports news here on KIS Today and don’t forget to come and support the Wolves Nation after school when you are free!

Here is the list of the upcoming home games:

  • Wednesday 6th September: Varsity Boys + Girls Football vs Wells
  • Wednesday 13th September: Varsity Boys + Girls Football vs Mahidol
  • Monday 18th September: G10-U Boys Football vs Berkeley
  • Thursday 21st September G7-U Girls Basketball vs Wells



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