#RELATABLE: 12 things everyone who went through Kumon will relate to

Kumon (as some of you may know) is a very popular educational network created by a Japanese man who decided to use his own method to teach students mathematical skills, in the hope of creating a unique learning atmosphere.

The outcomes seen in students may vary, but for me, the nights I’ve spent trying to remember the timetables for homework did not go to waste!

As I grew older, I started to realize that there were people in my class that took the same Kumon sessions as I did. This made me recognize how many people used to take it, or are even taking it to this day – some of my classmates are still using the same methods they learned in Kumon to apply in math class. Therefore, this calls for another #RELATABLE, as I know many of you will be able to understand the struggles of Kumon.

  1. Coming into a session and dreading the combination of death:


2. Seeing your mom after you fail your 6th attempt of reciting the multiples of 7 in 30 seconds


3. When you finally succeed at your 32nd attempt


4. The only worksheets you want to do when you get in class



5. Your only aim in life at the time


6. Also another big aim in life


7. When your friend’s chillin’ at G and you’re struggling at A


8. When you realize that the homework you get is similar to a worksheet you’ve already completed


9. When your friend’s already done with worksheet of the day and you’re still contemplating whether it would be too ambitious to ask for a 2 page homework


10. Your worst nightmare is coming out with a thick pack of these


11. You spend 20 minutes finishing a worksheet and another 20 to organize the sheets that ripped apart without you knowing


12. Getting that big red 100 mark on your paper is the most satisfying thing


What were your Kumon experiences like?




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