As promised from the last KIS Spotlight, this week we have the wonderful Mr Primo! Mr Primo is the new MYP Mandarin teacher and here’s how this interview went down:

Where did you last teach before KIS?
I was in Tokyo, I was teaching at the American School in Japan.

What subject did you teach?
I was teaching Chinese in Highschool.

How is KIS So far?
It’s good, it’s a smaller school from my last but the change is nice. I think the teachers work really closely with students and I think the students are hard working. They’re also a bit more of a shy type of student.

Out of all places, why Thailand?
I’ve always liked Thailand- the people here are really nice, really friendly. I also like the warm weather they have here.

What are you generally looking forward to being in Thailand?
I’m looking forward to how easy you can travel around here and go to different islands in Thailand, and also learning the language here.

And that’s a wrap! Be sure to stick around for the next KIS Spotlight article!


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