The Wolf’s Howl |7S|

A few people suggested that I should base the next Wolf’s Howl on older music, so here it is! Serving up some nostalgia for those who actually know these songs. And better range in music for those who don’t. Have fun 😁

*You might need to log out of your school account for the YouTube videos. Sorry for the trouble.

#1: Earth, Wind & Fire – September

Artist(s): Earth, Wind & Fire (they skipped Water, is it not an element of nature?)

Album: Earth, Wind & Fire

Year: 1971

Genre: Classic Soul

Thoughts: I always belt out the lyrics (but I don’t even know a quarter of them) to this song anywhere, and I mean anywhere and anytime, this song plays. And if I’m lying, then may thunder strike me down.

Rating: 5/7


#2: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) – Eurythmics

Artist(s): Eurythmics

Album: Sweet Dreams

Year: 1983

Genre: Pop

Thoughts: I first heard this in some X-Men movie. Some of you may know this as Quicksilver’s soundtrack (some great slow-mo action scenes tbh). Love to listen to this one mainly because in my view, it is one of the earliest, and best, electronic synth-based tracks. And the video, simply psychedelic.

Rating: 5/7


#3 Juice Newton – Angel Of The Morning

Artist(s): Juice Newton (why her name gotta be juice though)

Album: Every Road Leads Back to You

Year: 2002 (a re-recorded version of the original song released in 1967 by Evie Sands)

Genre: Country

Thoughts: And this one, I heard in the movie Deadpool. Love the lead melody, gets me swayinggg.

Rating: 4/7


Bonus track:

#4: Brother Mynor – Passionfruit Falls (Full Tape)

Artist: Brother Mynor

Year: 2017

Genre(s): Chillwave, Future Chill / Beats

Thoughts: Yes, I know I have a somewhat different, albeit unique taste in music (and yes, I have high opinions of my tastes), but this tape is just the right mix to get a good vibe going. Quite atmospheric, this one. Enjoy whenever you feel like just, I don’t know, letting go or something, I guess. 39 minutes and 58 seconds of this. Lush.

Rating: 7/7


This will now be posted biweekly, that is, once every two weeks. Sorry for that, but with each new article, better music will be waiting for you to be explored. So, stay tuned, people 🎧




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