Movie Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

     The idea of having a 15-year-old boy in a red and blue suit swinging around from building to building and from street to street sounds quite absurd, doesn’t it? Apparently not.

    Everyone, or at least the vast majority of the world, knows who Spider-Man is. However, if you are a part of the minority that doesn’t know who Spider-Man is (how is this even possible?), then allow me to tell you who he is. Spider-Man, better known as Peter Parker (when he is not in one of his “missions” trying to save the neighbourhood) is a fifteen-year-old boy who got bitten by an irradiated spider with chemicals in its venom (which could have been extremely dangerous). However, being the smart teenage boy he is, Peter Parker decides that going to the doctor because he could die was not an option that he was going to consider. Who in their right minds would do that? Well, Peter Parker. It turns out that Peter had somehow made the right choice by not going to the doctor, as he found out that he now had superhuman strength, balance, and reflexes. He was able to climb onto various different surfaces, and things that he touched would cling to his hands. He also has a super sense that made him extremely aware of his surroundings, which he calls “Spider-Sense”. Don’t do that kids, you won’t get superpowers if you get bitten by spiders or any other animal for that matter. Unless you are Peter Parker, of course.

    Now, as you all may know, a brand new Spider-Man movie just came out. Yes, again. For the sixth time, but that’s beside the point. The title of the movie is “Spider-Man Homecoming”, where Spider-Man is played by Tom Holland, a talented 21-year-old English actor. We could say that Tom Holland was the best decision ever made to Spider-Man on the big screen, as he performs and suits the role perfectly, demonstrating the “Spidey” that is present in the comic books many have grown up reading. Tom Holland, or Spider-Man lives with his Aunt May in an apartment in Forest Hills, New York. He is just like any other high schooler, gawking at the hot girl that he likes, Liz Allen, with his best friend Ned, who joins him in the lonely-loser gang, made up by only two of them of course (that’s why they are lonely and losers). For everyone else, Peter Parker is just another kid. But in the world of superheroes, Peter Parker is Spider-Man. The friendly neighbourhood hero who has Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man as his “godfather”.

    Obviously, there is a super bad villain who Peter, or Spidey will later face while he tries to stop his evil plans, like every other Spider-Man movie ever made. Basically, all of the superhero things blended into something that can’t be justified as a “basic” superhero movie. I would say that this could be one of the best Spider-Man movie ever made. Filled with laughter and action, this movie is a great way to spend your money (trust me, watch it online for free), and time on. I will not go into more depth about the storyline, as I want to leave you with something to find out on your own too, especially the plot twist.

    Get ready to be stuck in a web of teenage comedy, amateur superhero skills, and an action packed bomb called “Spider-Man Homecoming”!



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