#RELATABLE: KIS Starter Pack

Today’s #RELATABLE article is heavily inspired by the starter kits that come as packets to assist people who’s doing something for the first time ie: a computer starter kit to help someone learn about basic computer tools. Of course, it had to become a running meme on twitter –  they started to make starter packs for groups of people and random topics (mockingly and sarcastically). The internet just keeps getting more creative. So, I thought it would be a fun idea to make one for all the subjects, just in case any of you want some tips (don’t actually follow them, a meme stays a meme).

  1. PE starter pack

Screen Shot 2560-09-12 at 9.38.58 PM.pngOMNIKIN+reg;+Ball+-+4'+dia_XL.jpg



2.  Study hall starter pack

Screen Shot 2560-09-12 at 9.54.40 PM.pngScreen Shot 2560-09-12 at 9.59.05 PM.pngScreen Shot 2560-09-12 at 9.58.00 PM.pngScreen Shot 2560-09-12 at 9.55.09 PM.png

3. English starter pack



4. “I have a summative test first period” starter pack




5. Math starter pack



6. Math HL starter pack


7. Science with Mr. Park starter pack



8. TOK starter pack

Screen Shot 2560-09-12 at 10.23.24 PM.pnggavin_mastodon.jpg



9. Chemistry starter pack




10. “I have free before lunch” starter pack



11. IB student starter pack

no more alarms.jpgkrabs.jpgUnknown-1.jpegcoffee_gulping.jpg

For everyone who didn’t relate to all of them, you’ll get there very soon. These are some of the things you’ll experience throughout your years in MYP and DP – so don’t worry if you feel like you’re the only one because in reality, you’re only one of the many.



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