This time, I had the privilege to interview the wonderful Mr. Ben who managed to bring plenty of new books for the library for us to read. Since he’s new at the school, it’s always good that we understand him and his interests better. Here are his responses to the questions asked:

Tell us something about yourself in general. 

I was born and bred in Sydney, Australia, and I have spent most of my life there, aside from living in England for a year and doing plenty of travelling around Asia and Europe. Australia is a beautiful country and I recommend you visit, especially if you like the great outdoors.

Are you new to Thailand? If yes, how do you feel so far?

I moved to Thailand in late 2011 after being offered a contract at the UNESCAP Library here in Bangkok. During that time I met my wife, and we’re now the proud parents of a 3 year old boy. Like everywhere, Thailand has its positives and negatives, but overall I think it’s a great place to live. It has awesome food, a rich and ancient culture, a pleasant lack of regulation, and a live and let live attitude. Plus, unlike Australia, one can be in a different country in an hour, it’s never cold, and there’s rarely a dull moment!

What are your hobbies and personal interests?

My hobbies used to be focused around the ocean, and I spent a lot of time surfing and spearfishing around the northern beaches of Sydney. These days I spend more time playing guitar, and have been in a few bands here in Bangkok, including one with a current teacher here at KIS who shall remain anonymous. I also love listening to loud music, watching rugby league, exploring the city, swimming, bingeing on Game of Thrones, and eating too much food.

Being a Librarian, do you like to read? What is your favorite genre?

I do like to read, although I’ve fallen into the iPad trap where instead of reading a book before bed I find myself mindlessly scrolling through online forums and watching funny clips on YouTube. I make an effort to read most days, and when I happen across a really good book I can lose myself in it for hours, if my son allows it. I don’t really have a favourite genre, but recently I’ve been enjoying books by Lawrence Osborne.

What do you think about KIS so far?

So far I love KIS. Staff morale seems high, and the kids seem happy. There’s a good feel to the school and I can honestly say I feel lucky to now be part of the KIS community. Cheers.

This was the last interview of the new teachers. We’re happy that all of them are having a great time teaching at KIS. 🙂




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  1. Suphanat_Is says:

    Isn’t this the same post published before?


    1. Ishi says:

      I published it again because the format was messed up. I deleted the old one though.

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      1. Suphanat_Is says:

        Oh, I see, Ishi! 🙂


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