The Wolf’s Howl |22S|


So this week, I’ll be giving you guys some tracks that I feel are underrated. It’ll be great music nevertheless, which is why this article’s all about helping you discover stuff that may have been hidden from you for long, and who knows, maybe one of these songs will make it to your list of favourites!


Loved you first – Jez Dior

Artist: Jez Dior


Year: 2016

Genre: Rap / Hip-hop

Thoughts: Okay, so this one’s got really emotional lyrics, at least for me. It’s a wonder how Jez Dior hasn’t been on everybody’s radar, since he’s got music as good as my favourites, such as Blackbear, Mansionz, Aminé and all. This song’s all about feeeeeeelz.

Rating: 6/7


(DJ) Ëlē – Bounce

Artist: Ëlē

Album: Noir

Year: 2013

Genre: Dance & Electronic / R&B: Soul

Thoughts: It’s chill. So chill that I can’t move. Listen to it, and even you won’t be able to move. If you need more songs like that, check out Ëlē’s album Noir.

Rating: 6/7


The Bohicas – Girlfriend

Artist: The Bohicas

Album: The Making Of

Year: 2015

Genre: Alternative Rock

Thoughts: Boiiiiiii this one is definitely a band you should listen to if you’re looking for some alt. or indie rock. Certainly, it builds a good atmosphere, with all those guitar riffs and little add-on picks. They’ve got a bunch of cool music that you should really check out if you’re into the genres (as mentioned above).

Rating: 6/7


Phony Ppl – Why iii Love The Moon.

Artist: Phony Ppl

Album: Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Year: 2015

Genre: R&B / Rap / Hip-hop

Thoughts: PEACE TO THE MOON, PEACE TO THE STARS, PEACE TO SATURN AND PEACE TO MARS. Yep, they’re actual lyrics, it’s the outro of this masterpiece of a song. Like, seriously, you have to be in the right space for this; physically or mentally, you decide. As for me, it just heightens the impact of the music overall and I kinda discovered a new purpose in life when I discovered Phony Ppl (that’s just exaggeration). But honestly, this nine-member crew is LITLITLITLITLITLITLIT. Check out the entire album, it’s GrEaT.

Rating: 7/7

And that was it for this week! Sorry about the number of songs getting fewer, but I’m just saving up the best of the lot for you guys. It’s great to bring up the best (according to me, duh) music for y’all. You’re welcome.


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