Wolf Reads: The Night Circus

Author: Erin Morgenstern

Imagine yourself as a beautiful red apple, being dipped into a pool of the most luscious caramel you could ever imagine. When you emerge from the pool of caramel, you find yourself in a circus, the air around you overflowing with the caramel’s aroma. You find the circus filled with various different attractions. A circus that goes beyond amazement.  A circus where everything seems too good to be true. Too good, that it almost seems…magical. 

Such is the world of “The Night Circus”, a novel that will take you on a thrilling ride of curiosity, mystery, and the entanglement of each and every character in the book. If fantasy and magic is your thing, then this book ensures you that with each page you read, you become more and more eager to find out about what’s going to happen next. 

Don’t limit your expectations thinking that this novel only contains the usual magic spells and duels. This novel contains more than just fantasy and magic as we know it, but it also holds the magic of love, relationships, and characters. You will never guess how all the characters are tied together, and how you are tied to them. From the moment you open this novel, you become one with the story. That’s the magic of “The Night Circus”.

I don’t believe in spoilers, but I am sure you must be having tons of questions right now. Don’t ask how I know this, it’s just “magic”. So, if you are beginning to become interested in this novel, don’t stop yourself from unfolding the mysteries hidden in “The Night Circus”. 

In the world of “The Night Circus”, nothing is what it seems to be. Is it deception? Or is it magic? There is only one way to find out.

Welcome to the circus, future revere.

– Ankit


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