#RELATABLE: Situations everyone went through in PYP

As a student who has been learning at KIS for many years, I vividly remember my moments in PYP – some made me smile and most made me cringe. If you were once dressed in plaid blue skirts/shorts or even striped dresses/dark blue bottoms, then you’ll most likely be able to recall all x moments on this list.

1. Chasing down everyone who had a bag of chips in the PYP atrium after school.

2. Or either being the one getting your bag of chips ripped apart

3. Break and lunch time aka trading-stickers-to-fill up-your-sticker-book time

4. The amount of silly bandz on your arm determines your level of coolness, really

5. Never forget the fight for the cheese powder every time carbonara was on the menu

6. Whoever had the most people to look at their busking group during artigras won at this thing called life

7. When we actually had to do portfolios that were bigger than ourselves

8. At the beginning of every swimming class, you get a tan and a free massage by Mr. Max’s feet

9. Capture the flag is the most competitive thing in the world

10. So are spelling tests

11. Show & tell = PYP FOA

12. *looks around to check if anyones watching*

“Shh, don’t tell Mr. John I brought this to school”

*whips out blackberry*

“oh my gosh!!!!!!” *giggles*

*quickly shoves back in cubby”

13. October isn’t October. It’s Halloween.


15.  You haven’t lived if you didn’t join ‘Jazz Dance’ once during your time in PYP

16. My Little Pony probably got all their profit from KIS PYP students in 2006

17. ICT class was either going on club penguin, the pingu application, tux paint, or making a moshi monster

18. Lengthy arguments about the hottest Jonas brother was a repetitive occurrence

19. The Magic School Bus… (this doesn’t need an explanation)

20. Clifford the Big Red Dog!

21. The Hungry Caterpillar!

22. And last but not least, Biff, Chip and Kipper.

This weeks article is a little throwback dedicated to all the people who were here ever since the beginning, so I apologize to some who might not understand this week’s article. There will always be a #RELATABLE for you! Stay tuned!


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  1. jadoiron says:


    Do you still have your “portfolios that were bigger than ourselves”?


    1. pnyrs says:

      Yes. I remember making at least 5 portfolios so there has to be one stored somewhere in my room. They’re not as big anymore 😀


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