#RELATABLE: Wolf Reads Edition

This article was a collaboration piece between Saloni (G11) and Janice (G11).

We’re back with #RELATABLE and for avid book readers, this one’s especially for you.

  1. When the chapter book ends with a cliffhanger


2. When it’s 3 in the morning but you still don’t know who the murderer is


3. When you accidentally read the second book first because the cover doesn’t have the series order ANYWHERE


4. When the series gets progressively worse with every book until the plot doesn’t make sense anymore


5. When you have waaaay too many books on your “to read” list and your reading speed is 300 wpm


6. When you’re super tired and have read the last three sentences ten times yet still can’t remember anything


7. When your friend approaches you to borrow a book for the tenth time


8. When the library is too loud for you to enjoy a book


9. When your friend comes to rant about something when you’re at the best part of your book


10. When this is your preferred form of social networking


11. Arriving to a hang out after reading 3 books last night like



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