The Wolf’s Howl |19O|

Hi people, so this week, I’ve been up and about, asking people for what music they like (I’ve been talking about my choices the whole time, and now I believe that I need to know what others really prefer to listen to as well, and that way, I get to hear new music too! 😁) So for this article, I’ll be presenting a list of what some of my classmates in G11 like to listen to. Have a look:

James TW – When You Love Someone (suggested by Idea – G11)

Artist(s): James TW

Album: First Impressions

Year: 2016

Genre(s): Pop, Singer-Songwriter


I like this song because I think that lyrics are very meaningful and very unique. It has a very nice tune to it. Additionally, (this) song didn’t emphasize on the negative side of the situation. Instead, the lyrics made it sound like the singer understands how people feel. 🙂 – Idea (G11)

I completely agree with Idea’s views on the song, and as I was listening to this for the first time ever (which was when Idea told me haha), I felt a little sentimental, and the lyrics really were touching. This artist,  I feel, has done a good job of explaining how people behave when faced with problems and how not everything can or should be explained for certain reasons. It’s great how simply James TW words the complexity of (one of) the problems that can sometimes break out between people.

Rating: 5/7


The Neighbourhood – Sadderdaze (suggested by Aki – G11) 



Artist(s): The Neighbourhood

Album: Hard (EP)

Year: 2017

Genre(s): Alternative Rock


This song is like one of my favorites, plus it’s one of the new songs from The Neighborhood <3. I think it’s an aesthetic song (heh) and very chill. This song is probably for those moods where you wanna do nothing and just stay in bed and think about life 🙂 – Aki (G11)

True. This song’s definitely got good vibes, and it matches my “aesthetic” as well (Aki will get that hehe). Also, for some reason, the beat of this song feels as if someone has slowed down the music on purpose, in order to create the intended mood, and I must say, even though that most probably isn’t the case, it leaves behind a nice feel to the music. Lastly, I really love how the chord and melody progression changes right before each chorus and bridge, which is quite refreshing and really makes you want to listen. I enjoyed thos violin breaks too.

Rating: 6/7


Magic Man – Paris (suggested by Petra – G11)


Artist(s): Magic Man

Album: You Are Here

Year: 2014

Genre(s): Alternative Rock


I really like the song Paris because I never get sick of it, no matter how many times I listen to it. Also, the instrumentals are really nice and have a really good rhythm and the song is really upbeat, which I like. – Petra (G11)

Alright, so this one right here had a pretty cool video. Aesthetically pleasing for sure. This song gave off a real indie vibe as I heard it, but yes, it does make one lay back a bit for a while. Good choice for maybe somewhere like a cafe, where one would group up with friends or like, I don’t know, whoever you tend to hang out with.

Rating: 5/7


Christina Milian – Call Me, Beep Me! (The Kim Possible Song) [suggested by Arsineh – G11) 

Artist(s): Christina Milian

Album: Kim Possible

Year: 2003

Genre(s): Pop


It’s my childhood in a song. It makes me want to go out and save people. So if you ever need help, call me, beep me if you wanna reach me. 081*******. – Arsineh (G11)

I mean, she’s your basic average girl. I remember that phone, which always intrigued me (like, seriously, who on earth gets a phone that blue?). But yeah, this song is a true childhood jam for most (all) of us. I could get dancing to this one any time of the day (or night, who knows?) Great choice, Arsineh.

Rating: 4/7


That was it for this week guys. See you next time with more recommendations from students of other classes. Adios. (Such language skillzzz)


Featured Image: Prin (G11) [It’s a cool upgrade, isn’t it? Pretty great artwork there.]




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