Meet Epicure!

Who is Epicure?
They are the people who provide us with our food every day!

A meeting with Epicure?
The objective of this workshop is to educate the student body about the management and operation side of Epicure on running the canteen business, in addition to other knowledge such as food safety and hygiene. They want to be able to communicate with the students in order to try to satisfy more of our needs.

Why should you attend?
You will get a better understanding of where the food you are eating is coming from. Plus, you get a chance to give any feedback you have to the people in charge themselves!

Who can come?
Everyone is invited! Epicure is open to meeting all of the student body. This would also be a good opportunity for Business students to learn about an established company, whereas students with any concerns/feedbacks can have the chance to vocalize their opinions.

When and Where?
Friday, 17th November
12:20-13:10 (Lunchtime)
Location: Boardroom (1st floor — Thai room corridor)

If you are interested in joining, please contact your class’s Student Council Representative, or Emily directly (

Thank you!



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