MORP 2017-18: Hey You! Let’s Dance at KISCHELLA

– This article has been written and titled by Aki Oshima (G11) –

DoOsH! dOoSh! DoOsH!


Have you ever been to Coachella before? No? Me neither, don’t worry 🙂 BUT HEY, we made our own Coachella for MORP, *drum rolls*, KISchella (hahaha get it, it’s a pun? So funny hahaha…)

Soooo please watch this video. It’s pretty cool, in my opinion:


G9s to G12s keep your Friday, November the 17th OPEN and come to MORP. Don’t stay at home on a Friday night, come (to the KIS auditorium) with FRIENDS or MAKE NEW FRIENDS (JUST COME).

morp promo poster by petra and aki.png

The event is from 5:30pm – 9:30pm, tickets are on sale for ฿450 [plus the tickets are really cute 😉]. We’re selling tickets at break time and after school until 3pm, starting from the 9th of November, and also during Advisory on the 10th of November.

*REMINDER: before you buy tickets, hand in your permission slip (by the 16th of November, so hurry up!)



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