Taam Yingcharoen – A Guest Speaker at KIS

The featured poster is made by Jean G11.

Last Wednesday, Taam Yingcharoen (a KIS’14 alumni), visited KIS as a guest speaker to discuss his current point in life. Now that he has graduated from the University of Edinburgh and truly recognizes his proficiency in writing, he has decided to hone his skills as a freelance writer. He has also worked as a political journalist intern at the Bangkok Post. Here is an example of one of his articles:

Screen Shot 2560-11-08 at 10.57.09 PM.png

With his choices in terms of career, he is doing what makes him most happy – freely writing topics he is passionate about.

Taam writes about several topics, but his main interest leans towards politics, which was something he has always been passionate about, before discovering his ability as a writer.  He understands the importance of his penned opinions and how that can affect other people’s perspectives on the same topic. Being a journalist that writes about topics of this nature isn’t easy and consists of various difficulties – one of which includes not being able to write to the fullest extent. Truth is an important factor and when written properly, it will cause varying effects. Here’s what he has to say about it:

The truth hurts, which is why most people don’t want to hear it. The problem nowadays, is that all we have in the media is what people want to hear.. So very little truth”.

He explained that articles like the ones he writes can lead to all sorts of problems if not written in the proper manner, especially when working under figures of authority such as newspaper companies. This can shape the way articles he writes are shaped, and the amount of bias they contain, as many companies have ties to individuals, with leanings towards particular political views. All in all, the writing should never be too explicit and should not contain the full extent of the truth.

Despite the long and tedious road to becoming a credible journalist in modern society and the efforts he has to make in order to avoid the trouble, he continues to try to be honest to himself and his beliefs. This is because of the love and passion he has for both politics and writing; he wants to spread the main messages of his article to as many people as possible, in hopes of creating a positive effect. He hesitates to consider this as a lifelong career, and accepts the natural flow of self discovery. To sum up his feelings towards his current position, he shared a powerful quote from his graduation day that will hopefully inspire many people who are afraid to do something they’re passionate about: “If it scares you, excites you a little, do it”.


Keep updated on Taam and his opinions by reading his articles on http://www.kwairev.com.


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