Preview: Murder on the Orient Express


More than half a Century before Detective Conan and Sherlock Holmes, there was Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. And there was a murder on the Orient Express.

The trained stopped in its track midst a snowdrift.
Such a sinful crime, the last thing anyone expected from the lavish train ride on the notorious Orient Express.
Is ticking.
Who is the murderer?

13 stranded strangers
13 cynical suspects
1 detective
1 hell of a mystery

A stylish and suspenseful mystery, raw and haunting.  
A tensed and intricate plot, intimate and psychological.
The distinct characters with contrasting backgrounds, status, and occupations.

It would make sense if all passengers claimed innocence, as they all sat in fear. 
And it would make perfect sense if they had a watchful eye, waiting to turn against each other.
After all, they were merely a tangle of strangers forced together from different worlds with nothing in common, except the will to reach a destination and never see each other again.

Crime novelist, Agatha Christie, the best-selling novelist of all time with more than 2 billion copies sold, had many of her novels and short stories reach television, radio, video games and feature film adaptions. It all started with The Mysterious Affair at Styles, featuring Hercule Poirot, a former Belgian police officer noted for his twirly large “magnificent mustaches” and egg-shaped head. Poirot who had taken refuge in Britain after Germany invaded Belgium, became the famous protagonist for 66 of Christie’s novels.

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