#RELATABLE: 12 feelings you get when you’re late for school

Everyone’s been there once. Everyone can relate to the amount of stress.

  1. That moment when you know you’ll regret pressing the snooze button

Screen Shot 2560-11-29 at 4.18.57 PM.png

2. But you do it anyway


3. How you get ready when it’s 6:50 and you just woke up 3 minutes ago



4. Traffic in front of the KIS sign is probably the most frustrating one you’ve been stuck in


5. When it’s 7:38 and you’re 2 minutes away from school


6. Tapping your card at 7:39


7. Or even worse, tapping it at 7:40 and just completely accepting your fate


8. Contemplating whether you should make a run to class or walk vulnerably to the office


9. ‘The Office’ doesn’t remind you of the show anymore. It reminds you of all the mornings you spent wondering what you could’ve done to be earlier.


10. Entering the office like

Screen Shot 2560-11-29 at 4.30.12 PM.png

11. When you enter and you realize you’re the only person late…out of over 150 students.


12. Getting out of it finally and seeing all your friends coming out of the class you’re supposed to be in like


Let’s just all try to get there on time, no matter how painful it may be.


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