AISAA Basketball Opener Review: G10-Us Cruise, Varsities Face Huge Challenges Ahead

Wolves G10-Us and Varsity Basketball Teams played their first basketball league game of the season all against Berkeley whilst the Varsity Girls also played an additional game away against Wells.

Last Monday the G10-U Girls took the court first. Despite promising attacks from Nadia, Idea, and Alise along with multiple offensive rebounds, the score still remained tight for three quarters as the score remained at 6-3. By the fourth-quarter, however, the Wolves went rampant with 10 points in the last quarter to seal the win for the ladies.

Varsity Girls were up next they actually played back-to-back games against Berkeley and Wells last Monday and Tuesday. Here’s the report from Petra (G11):

As some of you may or may not know the varsity girls basketball team had two matches back to back on the 27th and 28th of November. I know this as I was playing both days 🙂 So! Let me tell you all about it.

First we had a home game at our very own wonderful school against Berkley. For many of us it was our first match of the season so naturally some nerves were to be expected. During the match we did some pretty spectacular passes – back and forth and back and forth and over and under and bam – you get the idea. However though our passes may have been above par the Berkley girls had some really fast runners who may or may not have made some pretty cool fast breaks and ultimately caused them to win in the end. The team decided that we need to up our defensive game so we can make sure to beat them next time! (If there is a next time. I really don’t remember what our schedule is). Although we lost we still had fun – and if you don’t believe me the evidence is in the photo!

varsity girls vs berk

Now if you were actually reading this article properly then firstly thank you, and secondly, you’re probably clueless about what happened during the second match! Well let me tell you. We played against Wells at their own school. Despite the fact that I’m pretty sure everyone was taller than most of us (which is not much of a feat to be honest) we all managed to successfully grab some nice rebounds and snatch the ball away from them a couple of times. We tried to up our defence like we planned last match – and it worked really well for the first quarter – but fell apart a little more towards the end. Though despite some pretty good baskets from our team we lost against them too. However, I enjoyed myself and I hope the rest of the team did too, – and I quote Ms. Lynley when I say “we improved a lot.” That’s good, right?

Our team won’t be having any more matches until January but if you get wind that we’re going to be playing at school sometime then come down to support us! Thanks for reading.

P.S The lack of scores results is not because I forgot the score and totally because I believe the numbers are irrelevant and we should focus more on our skills 🙂

Finally, on Thursday, G10-U and Varsity Boys were in action starting off with the younger Wolves as they comfortable beat Berkeley through strong performances from Pavan and Mai from G10 as from both outside and inside the paint as the boys won with a comfortable score of 37-24. The Varsity boys, however, struggled especially in rebounds which Berkeley players had advantages on height and wingspan. Despite the hard work especially from the younger players like Poom and Guy from G10, the boys suffered a 27-36 loss as they prepare for an improvement when the fixtures continue after Christmas break.

Now, this will be my last ever article for KIS Today and it’s really sad because I’ve been doing this for what about two years I think? Anyways I really enjoyed watching all the games from all the different age groups and writing reports about then. Who’s gonna be writing these articles after I leave though? You’ll find out that soon…

Thanks to everyone for all the support through the school year so far. Hope you all have an amazing Christmas Break and remember to continue to support #WolvesNation when the season returns!



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