The Wolf’s Howl |7D|

Let’s take a step back from all the summatives assessments and dive into some new (or old) music! Today, I have selected two songs as well as a third that was recommended by other students– feel free to comment some music that can be featured on the next Wolf’s Howl. Enjoy, brothers and sisters 🙂

My Kind of Women – Mac DeMarco

Artist: Mac Demarco

Album: 2

Year: 2012

Genre: Alternative/indie

Thoughts: This song sounds really sad, but not the sad that you’d want to cry. Mac Demarco has the type of voice where almost every song he sings should be in a movie where the girl and boy walk together at a park. This song in particular is one of the more popular Mac Demarco classics. One about a boy in love with a girl so similar to him, he sees her as a reflection. Even if you are those people who love sappy love songs, this is a great song to play in the background when you are about to take a nap.  

Rating: 4/7

my boy – Billie Eilish

Artist: Billie Eilish

Album: Don’t Smile at Me

Year: 2017

Genre: Alternative “trap”

Thoughts: Billie Eilish is incredibly talented, I admire her voice and her music. Out of the whole Don’t Smile at Me album, my boy is great at capturing all your emotions. With the calming slow beat in the beginning and the sudden changes with the upbeat chorus, this song is a great to sing and dance along to. The song has so many layers to it, Billie’s voice has such a large range and it can be heard all in this one song. If you are one of those people that will jam out to some heavy-bass songs, I highly recommend this song.

Rating: 6/7



This is Me – Demi Lovato (suggested by Fah G10)


Artist: Demi Lovato

Album: Camp Rock Movie

Year: 2008

Genre: Pop (Disney version)


Listening to it takes me back to when all i cared about was which disney movie i should watch next. There’s nothing that feels better than singing your old favourite song, and not having to relearn the lyrics.

I can agree with Fah on this one, everyone loves a good throwback song and they can bop their head and scream the lyrics to. Personally, I think Demi’s Disney songs are a great jam to listen to but for more fun and spontaneous occasions.

Rating: 6/7



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