Sports Day 2017

Dog to Wolf.

Call to Roar.

Flesh to Bone.

House to Soul.


So, how was your Sports Day?

I mean there’s technically no school so… yeah

This article will be short and simple. I believe that you can’t actually review or critique Sports Day, can you? Everything is about the unjustifiable feelings you get, the sensation of the scorching heat on the field, the pumping humidity in the court, the dead cold of the pool water. It’s about you in the middle of the scent of sweat and rush of adrenaline, the quick moment of hesitation, swift decisions and the small sacrifices made to get a friend to home base.

Anyways, no matter what year, there would be something or someone on Sports Day that remains memorable, good or bad, or a bit of both. And no matter which, it is momentous, something to replay in your head in the middle of writing a lab report.

Every Sports Day leaves on each student, an impression, an indefinable one.

You know yours.


Photos by Mr. Rob:


P.S. *Even before Session 1*



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