KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project (The Formative Assessment)

Hi guys! I’m back with another personal project video!

This video is a little bit different, and by different, I don’t mean I’m interviewing more people about another topic.

This video is a little sneak peak of the suffering us Grade 10s have to go through (perfectly summed up by the featured image). For part of our personal project, we have something called the “formative assessment”. The formative assessment is basically a presentation you have to do for 2 teachers and your peers, where you describe your personal project and your current progress. Since it is something you guys (Grade 9s, looking at you), will have to eventually do, this video should be helpful for the personal project as a whole, as the Grade 10s here will be giving you their advice, something they may or may not have followed themselves (*cough success criteria cough ATLs*).



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