KIS REVIEWS: Justice League

One of the most awaited movies of 2017. A movie that assembles millions of people’s favorite superheroes into one single movie. A movie, with the most mixed reviews. A movie, with a 4 year build up.

Justice League.

DC’s biggest superheroes, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman come together to save the world from a villain from another realm, Steppenwolf.

“A man I knew used to say that hope was like your car keys. It’s easy to lose, but if you dig around, it’s usually close by.”

The movie begins with this quote from Superman, one of DC’s biggest superhero. People are in chaos and terror, as their biggest hope, Superman, is dead.

Batman and Wonder Woman decides that they must team up, and bring together a team of superheroes to battle the wrath of Steppenwolf.

It is a classic story, the superheroes take the whole movie to get along; their ego marching before collaboration. By the time they do, the world is in grave danger and they must “collaborate” and fight him off.

The movie wasn’t appreciated in the eyes of the critics, and the movie made the least amount of money in its opening week than any other DC movie. However, it did have a rating of 41% on Rotten Tomatoes, higher than Suicide Squad and Batman VS Superman.

The most famous thing about this movie is not the movie itself, but the comparison that is made between it and Marvel’s Avenger Infinity War trailer. The famous quote goes as follows, “The Avengers Infinity War trailer is better than the whole Justice League movie.”.

I am not saying that I agree, but I am also not saying that I don’t.

If there is one thing that was the most surprising in this movie, it was the “surprise” appearance of *insert character’s name*.

With supercool slow motion scenes with the Flash, underwater battles of Aqua-man, inner goddess fight moves of Wonder Woman, and the perks of being super rich with Batman, this movie should keep you entertained. At least for a while, if not for long.

So, if you want to watch the movie to see whether the reviews make sense, and so you can judge the movie for yourself, go ahead.

-Ankit G9A


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