The Wolf’s Howl |14D|


EDEN – Circles

Artist(s): EDEN

Album: I Think You Think Too Much of Me

Year: 2016

Genre(s): Alternative/Indie


This song is a roller-coaster of emotions, starting calmly, slowly building up in energy, and ends calmly again. I like that this song gives very nostalgic, cold vibes, yet is also warm at the same time. – TK (G10)

Though I, personally, do not listen to a lot of EDEN but I do enjoy his low-monotoned voice paired with the upbeat melody that also changes throughout the song. Circles is a great song to listen to while doing a bit of homework or drawing because of the somewhat slow melody. This song incorporates electro and techno, with a few “bass drops” in between verses, which adds a bit of character that will make your head bop up and down a bit.

Rating: 4/7


Daniel Caesar (ft. H.E.R.) – Best Part

Artist(s): Daniel Caesar (ft. H.E.R.)

Album: Freudian

Year: 2017

Genre(s): R&B/Soul

Thoughts: Daniel Caesar’s Best Part is –like the few songs I write about– a very calming and trancing song. Not to be redundant in my recommendations and my thoughts of each song, but this song will either make you want to sing softly in the car and classroom or just completely fall asleep. Daniel Caesar and H.E.R. both have really relaxing authentic voices that match well and are complemented by the soft guitar chords played.

Rating: 5/7


Toro y Moi – Run Baby Run

Artist(s): Toro y Moi

Album: What For?

Year: 2015

Genre(s): Alternative/Indie

Thoughts: This song is ADORABLE (bear with me), it is such a short and uplifting song that makes you want to sing along. It has a vibe that makes you think back to coming-of-age movies from the late 90s to early 2000s. It also has a tune and melody that makes me –at the very least– want to play during a road trip, filming the landscape. (This is totally unrelated but the cover album also looks so authentic and homey which makes me melt a bit).

Rating: 6/7


Gorillaz – Andromeda

Artist(s): Gorillaz

Album: Humanz

Year: 2017

Genre(s): Alternative/indie

Thoughts: Not much can be said about Gorillaz, they are incredible at making music to dance along to. Their electronic and techno feel to the music with Damon Albarn’s ICONIC voice makes me so nostalgic of their old songs including Feel Good Inc and On Melancholy Hill. “Humanz” was the latest album to be made by Gorillaz, and with the six year wait, Andromeda is the perfect example why everyone should listen to Gorillaz.

Rating: 6/7


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