G7-U girls rapid round-off

Welcome back to term 2! Speaking of good news, it was the first football match of the season!

The game was the G7-U girls vs Concordian. The game started with a rocky start between the teams as we lost possession a few times at the beginning of the match. Soon into the match though, the ball headed towards Tamanna and though she tried to deflect it, sadly it became a handball and Concordian gained a free kick.  As Concordian took a few week shots at the goal we had Anthea who made some easy saves. Roughly 10 minutes into the game Anthea high kicked the ball and Tida took a shot into the goal. Unfortunately the goalie blocked it, resulting in it not being a point.

As the first half ended, both teams were heated and trying to find a way to get a goal.

As the second half started, the girls started slowly but managed to get the defenders to play a good defense while clearing the ball. Five minutes into the second half a player from the team took a great shot but it deflected from the post onto Mali and went out. There were many attempts to move ahead during the second half, but neither team manged to be very successful.

The game ended roughly, as many of the players fought for a chance to score, but the score ended up to be 0-0.



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