The Wolf’s Howl |18J|

Schism –Tool (Suggested by Thomas G10)

Artist(s): Tool

Album: Lateralus

Year: 2001

Genre(s): Metal


What can I say, besides how intense and satisfying the bassline is. Tool disregards the musical industry’s standard of maintaining one consistent time signature throughout the song, which is rather cool when looking at it from a songwriting point of view and even more interesting and awesome when listening too it. Additionally, the lyrics are incredibly interesting to explore, as they take on themes of separation and the band in general has a penchant for producing metaphysical and philosophically provocative music. Schism is an example of one of the smartest band’s smartest songs. Tool, truly a thinking person’s band.

Thomas said it all.

Rating: 4/7

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Put Your Records On  –Corinne Bailey Rae

Artist(s): Corinne Bailey Rae

Album: Corinne Bailey Rae

Year: 2006

Genre(s):  Neo-Soul


Put Your Records on is a timeless classic, it gets you into a good mood during a cool and breezy morning. For me, the song is reminiscent of the summer and times where there is absolutely no work –though I am sure that it is just a fantasy at this point. Corinne Bailey Rae’s voice is a great match to the song because she sings it with a tone that makes it sounds so soothing despite the upbeat tune. Neo-Soul music is underrated, in my opinion, and this song is a perfect example to why it should be more popular. It is an incorporation of jazz, funk and pop –the right combination for you to jam to.

Rating: 5/7

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You Might Be Sleeping (feat. Clairo) – Jakob Ogawa

Artist(s): Jakob Ogawa feat. Clairo

Album: Bedroom Tapes

Year: 2017

Genre(s): Alternative/Indie


Though the first 30 seconds of the song may sound slightly odd –I must admit that I was not going to put this song in– it did find its way to a unique harmony. Clairo has a soft tone that sounds like she a almost whispering, and like many songs she sings in, it is a calming melody to listen to while studying. Clairo paired with Jakob Ogawa’s voice, shows how powerful harmony is to a song. With the two artist singing softly to the rhythmic drumming and guitar strumming, there is no way to not put your earphones on and just bop your head to the song.

Rating: 6/7

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Best Friend – Rex Orange County

Artist(s): Rex Orange County

Album: Best Friend (Single)

Year: 2017

Genre(s): Alternative/indie


Rex Orange County is incredibly underrated. His voice has this slight rasp that makes his singing sound so authentic. With the songs melody, you just want to dance. It is upbeat and has a change in tune that will make you clap and sing along. The song is able how a boy is in love with a girl that doesn’t love him back, yet the both of them are so in sync they remain friends. Honestly, if you do not sing along to this song by the third time listening to it, you may be a monster.

Rating: 7/7


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