Volleyball Tournament!

The following article was written by Anais (G9).

Student council will be organizing a Volleyball Competition during lunchtime on February 12-15 and the 20th for the finals. The event will be taking place on the MYP basketball court from 12:40 to 1:00 pm. This event will be a proper volleyball competition, with proper sets, bumps and spikes.

Information regarding the game:

  • 6 players on the court; 3 boys 3 girls.
  • They will be two sets, one for Grade 6-8 and one for Grade 9-12.
  • Duration: Each match will consist of 4-minute halves, with a 2-minute halftime break to swap grade levels for each house.


  • Girls are allowed to play twice during the qualifiers while boys are only allowed to play once, however, both boys and girls are allowed to play again in the finals.
  • If the house captain does not have a team ready, the house will automatically lose to the opposing team.
  • Every student participating must be wearing their house shirts.
  • House captains are responsible for organizing the teams, if the teams are not ready, the house will automatically lose to the opponent.
  • Each match will be 10 minutes in total, 4 minutes per set, and a 2-minute break.

Awarding Points:

  • Points will be awarded once the ball lands on the ground on the opposing team’s side
  • The points from set 1, and set 2 will be added up together to determine the teams playing in the finals.

final volleyball poster.jpg

Poster by Prince (G9).


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