Preview: 2018 Oscars Best Picture

Lady Bird

A unique character exploring freedom, her individuality unbounded by her conservative background. Rebellious acts against authority, norms, and expectations to show contemporary originality and boldness of character, leading to the realization of roots of denial, self-doubt, and the meeting in the middle with people in her life.

  • Should we conform or be original?
  • How do we become adults?
  • What is the relationship between different generations?

Lady Bird, is that your given name?
Why is it in quotes?
I gave it to myself. It’s given to me by me.

The Shape of Water

A rare combination of survival thriller, historical-scientific-fantasy, and romance, above a sinister surface of water. A story that displays star-crossed lovers, human and beast; a beauty and the beast of 1962, perhaps. It “blends whimsical fairy tale with a fresh spin on classic monster.

Beginning in a high-security government laboratory, human greed and hostility are portrayed, as well as the capability to love another, may he even look less humane.

The name of the film itself holds symbolic value, The Shape of Water. Water does not take shape (scientifically) and so in that context, the meaning is the quality of being boundless, undefined, almost imaginary, which is then reflected in the romance between Elisa and the “creature” in the film.

Giles: We can do nothing! I’m sorry! But this, this, this is just – Oh God, it’s not even human. God!  

Elisa: [in sign language] If we / do nothing / neither are we.


Non-linear timelines and unique screenplay, “bold, visceral, and powerful” make this film an Oscar nominee. Calm and subtle, with intensifying development. Displays of raw human mentality, solidarity, selfishness and altruism in life and in war. Desperation, honor, and at last, home.

Hope is a weapon. Survival is victory.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 8.46.36 AM


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  1. Suphanat_Is says:

    All I have to say is: why does “The Boss Baby” get nominated for best-animated features? I mean it is not terrible but it is not too impressive for it to get an Oscars nom, either…


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