The Wolf’s Howl |8F|

Hey guys! Sorry for the short post this week, but hopefully some of you will appreciate these songs and dance along to them like I do. If you guys have any song suggestions please tell me! Enjoy brothers and sisters :)))

Christian Leave – Companion:

Artist(s): Christian Leave

Album: Heartbreak Room

Year: 2018

Genre(s): Indie


“Companion”, I think, is such a quirky song to dance and sing along to. There are so many sounds that do not exactly fit with the song, yet it still plays out well. There is something so melancholy about the song; because you hear it with such upbeat tones and rhythms, the lyrics don’t hit you without the broken Christian Leave voice. My favorite part of this song is probably his voice, it is so laid-back and sounds exactly like it should in this sort of song– a voice of someone who just cried.

(Just a small note: I absolutely love the outlandish music video of the singer looking completely at lost with his own music, it really shows that this song is just made by just an ordinary person).

Rating: 3/7

Adam Levine – Lost Stars (Suggested by Peak G10):

Artist(s): Adam Levine

Album: V

Year: 2014

Genre(s): Pop


“Adam Levine has really good vocals! I like the meaning of the song” – Peak G10

Not much can be said about this song, it is –in its own way– iconic. The sadness of the lyrics really seeps through well with the slow guitar strumming and soft percussion instruments. Through the song, we hear the legendary and well known Adam Levine voice paired with faster and a more upbeat tune. I’m pretty sure that everyone has tried to sing the chorus in the incredibly high pitch voice that Adam Levine nails everytime.

Rating: 5/7


Kali Uchis – After The Storm (ft. Tyler, The Creator and Bootsy Collins):

Artist(s): Kali Uchis, Tyler, The Creator and Bootsy Collins

Album: After The Storm (Single)

Year: 2018

Genre(s): R&B/Soul


Despite the unnecessary beginning, sung by Bootsy Collins, the vocals and beat in the rest   of the song is so dreamy. There is something about the airy singing of Kali Uchis with the short rap from deep-voiced Tyler, The Creator that makes you want to hum along to. Other than the fact that my personal favorite– Tyler, The Creator– had the most bopping verse, the visuals in the music video are so offbeat and awkward to look at you can’t help listening and watching.


Rating: 4/7



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