Wolf Reads #25

This week, some historical fiction books.

A Thousand Splendid Suns


Goodreads rating: 4.34

A Thousand Splendid Suns follows the story of two Afghani women, Mariam and Laila, who have to struggle against the repressions of the Taliban, an abusive husband and the fight for redemption.

Hosseini is a very powerful author. The story he tells is harrowing with many strong scenes. So if you’re an unsuspecting reader, be prepared for some graphic scenes.

Shooting Kabul


Goodreads rating: 3.92

In the summer of 2001, Fadi’s parents make a tough decision: the family will be fleeing Afghanistan. When their transport arrives, caught in the wild swarm of people struggling to escape, Fadi’s sister, Mariam, lets go of his hand and is lost in the crowd. The incomplete family must adjust to life in the United States, with the weight of 9/11 being another burden on their shoulders.

A fast-paced and powerful read, Shooting Kabul is a good book for young readers to understand the conflict in Afghanistan and the refugee crisis in general.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


Goodreads rating: 4.11

When Bruno’s father gets a promotion, his family moves to an isolated and lonely place. Bored out of his mind, Bruno goes out to explore and meets a boy on the other side of a barbed fence, a boy whose life is very different than Bruno’s.

I guarantee that you will shed a lot of tears while reading this book. It’s heartwrenching and innocent at the same time. There’s also a movie you can watch (after reading the book, of course).

Note: Some summaries have come from my reviews on Goodreads.


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